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A night at Boire

A night in Melbourne during the Australian Open tennis season, without a restaurant reservation booked months in advance, can be a nightmare.  But not for us on this lucky occasion.  We arrived at our hotel in Fitzroy, dumped our bags and headed straight out to Smith Street where we had heard of a fairly new restaurant called Boire, which didn't require a reservation.  With kids in tow we arrived to find one table vacant (don't be fooled by the empty outside tables as they don't have a license to serve alcohol out on the street - very un-French!).

Boire is a very lively place with the tables turning over frequently.  Long painted blackboard wall down one side with changing menu and wine list. Several whites and reds are served by the glass and a longer list by the bottle.  Polished concrete floors and long white wall down the other side with an interesting variety of hooks, paintings, an antique clock and paper hand towel rolls (a novel alternative to serviettes) provide a…