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One month old but already in Michelin Star restaurants!

Thank you to all for your support. After opening for business one month ago, we are very pleased with the response. A high proportion of people who have tasted the wines have bought them and indeed many have re-ordered. A common response has been " I bought a sample pack. Loved these particular wines and can I buy some more of them please?!"
Several retailers have taken the wine, validating our view that despite this being a very crowded market our wines are great value for money, unique and ready to take their place in the aussie market. We hope to announce listings on some well known restaurants in Melbourne soon (the other capital cities we are yet to visit).
We asked our suppliers which restaurants in Europe stocked their wines and we were pleasantly suprised with the response. So you may have worked out the answer to this question..... What do Paul Bocuse, Guy Savoy, Helene Darroze, Alain Ducasse, Pierre Gagnaire and Juan Marie Arzak all have in common? Answer... Their Miche…