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Le Pigeonnier

In french the word  pigeonnier means dovecote. It is also the name of the rarest wine produced by Domaine Lagrezette in Cahors.
Dovecotes dot the landscape throughout southwest France, often in the middle of a field, or as at Lagrezette in the centre of a vineyard.
Pigeonniers are located away from trees that may harbor birds of prey and from prevailing winds. They have smooth walls with a protruding band of stones to stop climbing predators. In France in the middle Ages, owning a pigeonnier was the privilege of the lord of the manor. The bird poo (known as colombine) was an excellent fertilizer.
The Lagrezette pigeonnier is an exceptional building on six columns.The Lagrezette Pigeonnier wine is an exceptional wine.  Production is limited to about seven thousand bottles per year.  The vineyard is only 2.7ha and the yield is limited to between 15-20 hL/ha. The Malbec grapes are harvested and destemmed by hand.  Vinification occurs in large oak casks and the wine is aged for twenty-eight …

DiscoverVin friends special offer with French Tutoring in Sydney

DiscoverVin has formed a partnership with French Tutoring.

For our friends in Sydney, French Tutoring offer a range of French language lessons/services.

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Discover the Wines of Bergerac Part 2

Bergerac - The upriver neighbour to BordeauxThe Bergerac region is picturesque and historic with bastides (walled towns), medieval cities, chateaux, Romanesque churches and abbeys and gorgeous stone villages full of character and history and some exciting wines.

Situated on the Dordogne River the town of Bergerac is about 50 km east of Bordeaux.
Bergerac has a climate similar to that of St Emilion and Pomerol.

History, rather than geography has lead to the difference in perception between the wines of Bordeaux and Bergerac. The 100 years war changed the medieval wine trade. Vineyards upstream of Bordeaux, (Gaillac, Bergerac and Cahors) were under French control, while the English linked to Bordeaux since the reign of Elinor of Aquitane continued their relationship with Bordeaux.

Grape Varieties of Bergerac
Bergerac, the neighbour and close cousin of Bordeaux produces similar blends without the price tag. The main grape varieties are those of Bordeaux: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabern…

Discover the Wines of Bergerac

Wines from the Region of Bergerac now available in Australia.

For the first time a range of wines from the region of Bergerac are available
to consumers in Australia. These wines typify the wines that DiscoverVin are
bringing to Australia. Quality and affordable wines of character, made by
independent producers.
Bergerac wines form a regional section of DiscoverVin’s portfolio of wines
from South-West France. We have sought out three excellent producers from
the region. Each works with care and expertise to produce wines reflective of
the terroir of the region. Organic and sustainable viticultural practices are a
key feature or their approach to wine making.
The Dordogne is a popular destination with Australian tourists visiting France.
Having developed an appreciation for the wines of Bergerac, up until now
they have been unable to relive and share their vinous experiences once
home again.
Made from grape varieties traditionally associated with Bordeaux, they have
their own elegance …

Organic Wines and Soil at Chateau Tour des Gendres.

Each producer DiscoverVin visited during our recent trip to the South-West of France was eager to show us their vineyard and particularly their soil. Soil samples were on display in their offices, in their tasting rooms, and of course in the vineyard. Organic wines are produced from organic viticulture and soil quality is crucial to organic viticulture. Organic approaches to viticulture mean the complete absence of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides in the vineyard and the winery. In America organic wines must not contain sulfites, but French producers can still use small amounts of sulfur to prevent oxidation. Biodynamic wine is 100% organic, but the grower has taken further steps such as making their own compost and sprays following concepts originated by the 20th century Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner. The cycle of the planets and stars determine when they undertake different procedures. Luc de Conti from Chateau Tour des Gendres adopted organic practi…