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Rosé Revolution at Barakee, Wooragee.

The Rosé  Revolution continued in northeast Victoria with  DiscoverVin providing wines  for a Rosé in the Roses evening at Barakee in Wooragee (near Beechworth). The Barakee garden is an exquisite mix of natives, snow gums, grasses, emu bushes and exotics including roses and irises. Guests wandered the gardens, rosé in hand, appreciating the roses and the thoughtful design of the garden in the dusk light. A range of Australian rosés were tasted including Anderson’s Shiraz Rosé from nearby Rutherglen and Yering Station Pinot Noir. As DiscoverVin were hosting the event two of our rosés were highlighted. The blush style Zettewas popular.  Its gentle colour and dry, but delicate flavour was enjoyed.   The comment from our facebook friend Sue Fairlie-Cunningham, producer of The Mongrel Rose, that the Zette Rosé is an excellent example of what we should be aspiring to with rosé here in Australia, was repeated numerous times. The Chateau La Rayre Rosé from Bergerac was also enjoyed. A blend of tw…

Heard at the Rosé Revolution- Border Wine Room Albury

"The Irresistible is irresistible!""McLaren Vale Rosés are my favourite""I'm looking forward to Summer and more Rosé""A very generous interesting evening at The Wine Room, thank you" "Wonderful colour in the La Rayre""I prefer the blush style of ZETTE"" Thanks Discovervin's, Mary, Helen & Craig, for the opportunity to sample some of your gorgeous French Rose' at the Border Wine Room last night. It was fun being a part of the Rose' Revolution. We are looking forward to our case of Bergerac arriving. Thanks again."" La Croix- sounds like a fashion designer darling" "Loved the Irresistible Rosé from Domaine de la Croix, but loved the bottles even more - they are so sexy!" "Where is ZETTE"

A little glass of rosé with dinner

The Rosé Revolution is upon us, so with samples in the fridge chilling, wine menus printed, glasses polished and the ice bucket dusted off we can now sit and enjoy a lovely well chilled glass of the pink stuff.
For dinner I made a plate of smoked salmon, added some freshly picked and blanched broad beans and asparagus, some very finely sliced salad onions and finely snipped chives. I made a ponzu dressing and we had a plate of green salad and some Milawa sourdough on the side.
Sounds too perfect? Reality was ..... I threw this lot together after helping kids with homework, took a quick photo, tossed dinner down with a swill of La Rayre Rosé, gave the husband a peck on the cheek as he came home and I headed out to book group.
When I returned home, the house was quiet and the evening still balmy. Then I could sit and relax and really enjoy a glass of the La Rayre Rosé at leisure with the husband. The La Rayre rosé 2009 is a great drop and from a great vintage. For me it is summer, a b…

The Rosé Revolution

The Rosé Revolution kicks off on November 10th and is all about  celebrating, Rosé - which has its traditional home in the south of France. 
DiscoverVin are excited to be part of the Revolution.

What is the Rosé Revolution?A: The Rosé Revolution is a celebration of dry, purpose-made and delicious Rosé wines. Variety incidental, these are serious styles to be enjoyed at any time. We are spreading the word that these wines are delicious, a great match with food and a great wine to consider at any time of the year. So grab some Chateau La Rayre or Zette Roséor a few for that matter and start spreading the word.
Q: When is this year’s Rose Revolution taking place? A: The launch of the Rose Revolution will take place on Thursday 10th November 2011 for a taste and tweet. 
Q: Where is this year’s Rose Revolution taking place? DiscoverVin's friends on the NSW/Victoria Border can celebrate the increasing popularity of dry rosé with a tasting, some hors d'ouevres and chat to fellow rosé revolu…