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"OMG, this wine is sublime!"

The team at DiscoverVin was thrilled to see this great review of our Champagne Jeeper Grand Assemblage NV from Dan Traucki at Wine Assist.
Since its recent launch in Australia 2 months ago, it has been getting a great reaction including 4 stars in Winestate magazine and a huge recommendation from the Wine Wankers
Here is Dan Traucki's review reproduced below (with thanks!)

THIS WEEK’S WINE REVIEW: CHAMPAGNE JEEPER GRAND ASSEMBLAGE BRUT: Interestingly, Champagne Jeeper is actually named after the WILLY’S JEEP that the American soldiers gave French resistance fighter Arnoud Goutorbe, who had lost a leg during the war. Goutorbe’s family had been growing grapes in the area for generations, and so the gift of the Jeep meant that he could still tend to his vineyards. Years later when the family launched its own brand, rather than supplying the grapes to one of the big houses, it seemed natural to name the wine after the thing that made it possible – the Jeep, hence Champagne Jeeper.
Oh! Wow!…

Beaujolais is back (but not shoulder pads!)

Some sommeliers are telling us the demand for Beaujolais wine has taken off recently. They are not referring to cheaper Beaujolais nouveau but more quality Beaujolais-Villages and cru Beaujolais (explained below). Beaujolais Nouveau is a very light and fruity style, whereby the Gamay grapes are fermented only for a few months and then bottled and shipped. This is the style popularised in the 80s and like "big hair" and shoulder pads its one fad that may or may not return!

The Beaujolais region is a small region south of Burgundy and north of the Rhone. The vast majority of the production is red wine made from Gamay. A small amount of white and rosé is made also.

According to InterBeaujolais, the region's professional organisation, Beaujolais is now the second biggest wine export region in France after Champagne. (48% of Beaujolais is exported so I think they must mean that this is the second highest proportion of wine exported from a region as surely the larger appellation…