15 July 2011

Vinexpo- Part 2 Le Crachoir

Crachoir- The Spittoon
A busy schedule at Vinexpo meant lots of tasting for the Discovervin team. Tasting but not drinking. Le Crachoir was always strategically placed. The verb "to spit" in French is cracher- doesn't it sound nicer?? So were were always ready to cracher after each tasting each wine.
During their time at Vinexpo the Discovervin team had profitable meetings with several Bordeaux negogiants. All were keen to send their wine downunder and we will soon be stocking some excellent Bordeaux wines; premier cru, petit chateau and second label wines.
Each meeting was held in a specific meeting space at the negogiant’s stand. While sharing the wine the sales consultant would explain the wine, its provenance, producer, appellation and characteristics. Spitting into the crachoir was mandatory. There would be two or three crachoir per table and when full they were emptied by an assistant. Wonderful wine down the drain!
We also met with existing suppliers, Chateau Lagrezette, Producers Plaimont and Accents du Sud Ouest. They showed us new vintages of our existing wines, which were all of a high quality and tempted us with other wines in their portfolios. The Cahors Malbecs from Chateau Lagrezette were full of flavour and structure especially the 2005 Dame des Honneurs – which we have just added to our portfolio.
Dessert wines from south west appellations continued to impress. More luscious Monbazilliacs, well balanced honeyed Jurancon moelluex wine and a gorgeous St Croix de Mont.
This entry concludes witha question – Is Australia ready for Saussignac? We found an elegant, crisp wine from this very small appellation – pear, white peach, spice, great flavours – Watch this space! Let us know if you would like to try a Saussignac.

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