22 August 2011

Discover Independent Vignerons

Le vigneron indépendent:
· Se perfectionne dans le respect de la tradition
· Respecte son terroir
· Travaille sa vigne
· Met en bourteille sa production dans sa cave
These are some of the key values in the Indépendent Vigneron’s Charter. These are ideas to be celebrated; reasons to search for wines from producers committed to this philosophy.
DiscoverVin works with suppliers from south-west France who are members of France’s association of Indépendent Vignerons .
Indépendent vignerons work with care and respect for tradition. They are passionate about their terroir with respect for their soil and their vines. They share this passion and their love for their culture and wine with their customers.
Indépendent vignerons work in their vineyards and cellars and offices. The work is complex, together with their passion for their wine and soil, indépendent vignerons are successful small business owners, managers and communicators. Their wines are made, stored and bottled in their cellars and sold through their networks and personal relationships with distributors and exporters such as DiscoverVin.
Their logo is an emblem indicating the wine is made with expertise and from a business that is a member of a professional group of winemakers who respect their traditions- “wines and authentic personalities”.
The Indépendent Vignerons association works to ensure the sustainablity of indépendent winemaking in France. DiscoverVin is proud to work with producers such as Domaine Bellegarde , Chateau La Rayre, Domaine de Crampilh and Chateau de Saurs who as members of the association are committed to sustainable and quality business practices and winemaking .

13 August 2011

Discover Chateau Moulin Pey Labrie at Our Favourite Wine Bar

Bar a Vin- formally named CIVB Wine Bar, in Bordeaux must be one of the best wine bars in France, maybe even the world. It is definitely the favourite place the DiscoverVin team.

On our last visit we were excited see Chateau Moulin Pey Labrie on their wine list. DiscoverVin have established a warm and professional relationship with the Hubau family of Chateau Moulin Pey Labrie and import their wines into Australia.
What, you ask, is the CIVB? In French, le Conseil Interprofessionnel du Vin de Bordeaux, basically The Bordeaux Wine Council. They offer wine classes, tours and through Bar A Vin a place to sample, enjoy and learn about the wonderful wines of Bordeaux.

The wine list is very select and changes frequently. A few whites, a few reds, some dessert wines - ranging in price from 2 Euro to 8 Euro per glass, providing an entree into the exciting world of Bordeaux wine.

Cards like the one above are there to help educate visitors about the diversity of Bordeaux wines, and offer a space for notes. Describing the 2006 Moulin Pey Labrie you could jot down words similar to those on our website.
Lovely purple colour. Red fruit and plums on the nose. Palate is soft, round in the mouth with minerals and fine chalky tannins. Great balance and length. Delicious, classy merlot!

With both outdoor and indoor seating you can sample the Moulin Pey Labrie Merlot/Cabernet Sauvignon blend with an accompanying cheese plate as you sit looking out to the Grand Theatre and the rich street life of the Allée Tourny. The Bordeaux trams rattle by as cyclists and pedestrians make great street theatre.
Inside you can sit under a wall sized stained glass window of Bacchus or near a wall of bottles - all Bordeaux, on comfortable lounges and banquettes. Further inside you can meet friends in the dining space with tables or the bar, once again eating something small from the tempting menu. While deciding on a glass of the Moulin Pey Labrie, from St Emilion, Pomerol, Fronsac category on the wine list as opposed to one from the other area you can admire the glorious flower arrangements on the bar and nearby sidetables.

So French - so beautiful, and you are drinking fabulous wine at the same time. No wonder DiscoverVin adore it.

Now you don't have to fly to Bordeaux to taste it. You can get some right here.

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9 August 2011

Yet another media review of Cahors, Madiran and Jurançon exclusive to Discovervin

The team at DiscoverVin is thrilled to receive more favourable reviews of our wines. We know that we have good value, interesting wines on offer. We love it  when experienced wine professionals validate that view. Below we have reprinted a review by Kerry Skinner, Assistant Editor (Special Publications and Letters), Weekend Editor and Wine Writer for the Illawarra Mercury, writing in the Illawarra Mercury Weekender August 11, 2011:

These wines are exclusive to Discovervin. Click here to go to our online  shop.

5 August 2011

Producteurs Plaimont Wines from DiscoverVin

Discovervin Presents Four Plaimont Wines:

Monastère De Saint Mont, Rouge, 2006 750 ml $58.99
70 % Tannat, 20% Pinenc, 10% Cabernet Franc
The label accentuates the history and rarity of this wine with a drawing of the 11th century Monastery of Saint Mont, under a deep blue starry sky. The village of Saint-Mont dominates the Ardour Valley. Raymond de Saint-Mont founded a monastery here in the 11th century that later became part of the order of Cluny. A number of documents testify that the Benedictine Monks worked the vines and made wines that were transported in barrels on the Adour River and exported to Holland and the United Kingdom from the 14th to the 15th century.
On pouring, the wine reveals a deep purple hue and a deep pungent nose,  aromas of jammy fruit, leather and elegant oak. It has a lush roundness with flavours of red stone and berry fruits with excellent tannins that enhance the finish. 
The French Guide Hachette has awarded a “Coup de Coeur” for previous vintages. The 2009 Guide Hachette describes this wine as having “great complexity of aroma and flavours”,  “one crafted with great skill that will repay keeping for two or three years”.

Chateau St Go, Saint Mont Rouge, 2007 750ml $28.99
70 % Tannat, 20% Pinenc, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc
The complex and intense flavours of the Château St Go reflect its ageing in 225 litre oak barrels for 12 months in a dark cellar.  The wine is a dark purple/red almost black colour with an aroma of blackberry and roasted notes. These flavours continue on the palate with a full and rich structure.  The ripe tannins reveal the ageing potential of the wine.

Arte Benedicte, Madiran Rouge, 2006 750ml $34.99
70 % Tannat, 10% Pinenc, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon, 5% Cabernet Franc
A rich wine with a purplish colour.  Stone fruits and roasted cocoa bean aromas are on the nose. The palate is full and rich, with roundness and structure and a long toasty finish. The perfect accompaniment to red grilled meats, game and cheese.

St Albert, Pacherenc de Vic Bilh, 2009 500ml $35.99
50 % Petit Manseng, 30% Gros Manseng, 10% Courbet, 10% Arrufiac
A blend from late harvest grapes picked on or around November 15 – St Albert’s Day. The grapes are placed in small wooden crates in order to preserve the quality of the grapes during transport.
The wine has a bright straw colour. The nose offers a complex aroma of fruits (quince and citrus) with vanilla, hints of cocoa and ripened grapes. The palate seduces with flavour, balance and an absence of cloying sweetness.
The St Albert can be served as an aperitif, especially with a sheep’s milk cheese from the Pyrenees. It is also beautiful with fruit or cream based desserts.

These wines are available individually on our website and through selected retailers in Australia. To introduce the Australian wine consumer to these unique wines, made from unusual grape varieties by one France’s top wineries, Discovervin wines has put together a special Producteurs Plaimont Package containing:
2 bottles Chateau St Go, Saint Mont Rouge, 2007
2 bottles Arte Benedicte, Madiran Rouge, 2006
1 bottle Monastère De Saint Mont, Rouge, 2006
1 bottle St Albert, Pacherenc de Vic Bilh, 2009 500ml
Total price for the Plaimont 6 pack is $199 plus postage 

By purchasing this wine you confirm that you are over 18 and accept the terms and conditions of sale

4 August 2011

Discover Producteurs Plaimont Wines.

DiscoverVin is pleased to bring new wines to the Australian market. Wines from one of the largest and best known producers in France, the Producteurs Plaimont. Rare wines from small, unique French appellations: Madiran, Saint-Mont and Pacherenc de Vic Bilh.

Producteurs Plaimont is a co-operative in the village of Saint-Mont in the Ardour Valley of south west France. Vineyards in the region date back to the Romans, through to the Middle Ages when monks were making wines for pilgrims on the route of the Santigago de Compestela.
In modern times the wine-producing heritage of this area has been reinvigorated under the leadership of the visionary (and beret-wearing) Andre Dubosc. Plaimont was founded in 1979 when he brought together a group of like-minded winegrowers, with a quality-focused approach.
Innovation together with respect for tradition has seen the cooperative; invest in modern winemaking techniques, lead a revival of ancient regional varieties, assist growers to improve viticultural practices, embrace sustainable and chemical free systems.
Improved grape quality has yielded vivacious wines showcasing the delicious flavours of the region.

Grape Varieties of Producteurs Plaimont

The Plaimont vineyards situated half way between the Atlantic Ocean in the west and the Pyrenees in the south, benefit from cold nights and hot days. The conditions allow for slow ripening and favor the natural acidity of the local, indigenous varieties.
White: Colombard, Sauvignon Blanc, Courbu, Aurrifiac, Gros Manseng and Petit Manseng.
Courbu is an aromatic, pale coloured grape. It perfumes a wine with delicate floral aromas combined with smells of well-ripened fruit.
Arrufiac has light fresh aromas and possesses a soft palate with finesse.
Gros Manseng and Petit Manseng are both pale yellow with a light nose. In the mouth, they give the wines structure, providing body and acid.
Red: Tannat, Pinenc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc.
Tannat has a deep purple/red colour. It produces aromas of dark fruit and provides blends with backbone and structure.
Highly aromatic, Pinenc also provides backbone, suppleness and structure.

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