28 October 2011

DiscoverVin Dinner in Brisbane and Perth

We are looking forward to meeting some of our Brisbane and Perth friends and clients at 2 dinners in November. These promise to be memorable dinners and an opportunity  to sample several of our wines matched to some great cuisine form award winning chefs. In the last 6 months we have now received 20 reviews for various wines in our portfolio and several of these will be tasted on the night.

Join us and discover the wines of South West France
New tastes and varieties from the ancient appellations of Jurançon, Madiran, Cahors and Bergerac matched to the magnificent cuisine of Neil Herbert (Bistro Felix) and Michel Bonnet (C'est Bon)

Bistro Felix

Wednesday 16th November

6 course dinner plus matched wines
Tickets $110 per person all inclusive
Full payment required upon booking
Please call 08 9388 3077 for reservations
This is a communal dining event

C'est Bon
7.00pm, Thursday 17th November 2011
5 courses plus matched wine
Tickets $110 per person all inclusive
Places limited; please call 02 60 20 60 16 for reservations

For more information or details on menus and wines please call 0260206016 or send an email to info@discovervin.com.au

7.00pm, Wednesday 16th November 2011

23 October 2011

Discover European Wine in Spring St Melbourne

161 Spring St  - the address of wonderful venues for any wine lover.  Three great venues to experience both Melbourne and Europe.  Situated opposite Parliament House  its one of DiscoverVin’s favourite places to visit when in Melbourne.
DiscoverVin popped into The City Wine Shop after a day of meetings in Melbourne on a recent Friday.   It was “very Melbourne”.  Men in suits, women dressed in stylish black.  Some having a coffee at the bar or at the alfresco tables, but many enjoying a class or two of wine.
The brief wine list presented a well-balanced range of wines from Victoria, Australia and Europe. Trimbach Riesling from Alsace was at the top of the list and I needed to go no further. Crisp and dry with lemon and lime acidity, zest and persistence.  With purity and freshness it was the perfect after work drink.  DiscoverVin had no problems recommending it to the person sitting next to me at the bar when he expressed his hesitation regarding Alsace Rieslings. With citrusy dryness and a flinty finish it was almost like a crisp Polish Valley Riesling.

While enjoying the Riesling I was able to contemplate the wall of wine bottles.  Arranged by variety, European and Australian wines are in racks to the ceiling.
With focussed searching I was able to locate The Domaine de Crampilh Madiran Tannat, imported by DiscoverVin amongst a range of “other” Reds.

The staff were friendly, welcoming and informed.  Happy to discuss wine and busy assisting customers decide on a bottle to take home for dinner or what to try at the bar with something  tempting from the round the clock bar menu.

I was wishing I had time to eat downstairs at the common table or to follow those heading up stairs to enjoy a wine at “The Melbourne Supper Club” or to move next door for dinner at “The European”.  The menu was enticing - Another time.  The European’s wine list of only European wines, offers serious temptations.  The DiscoverVin team are proud our Monbazillac and Madiran have found a home on the list. 

16 October 2011

Le Guide Hachette 2011 Reviews wines from DiscoverVin. Part 2 Cahors

Le Guide Hachette 2011 – the French wine bible has reviews for 10,000 wines. The South-West chapter reviews wines from several of our suppliers.
The “jury” – a team of wine professionals from around the world, tasted each wine blind, described it in terms of colour, aroma and taste and then scored  each from 0-5.  A score of 3 is needed to be give a star, 4 for 2 stars and 5for a wine to be given 3 stars.  

A world famous and critically acclaimed producer from Cahors in the South West of France, Chateau Lagrezette has five centuries of winemaking history.  Entrepreneur Alain Dominique Perrin, the former president of Cartier, has transformed Chateau Lagrezette.
DiscoverVin stock three levels of wine from Chateau Lagrézette.  Zette is the every day quaffer;  Zette Red, Zette White and Zette Rosé. A great bargain at  $20 per bottle.
The Chateau Lagrézette 2005 is an award winning Malbec for $36 per bottle. It was given a citation in the 2008 Guide Hachette.
The Dame d’Honneur is a super premium Malbec and the 2003 vintage is available for $90 per bottle.
The review of the 2007 Dame d’Honneur in the 2011 Guide Hachette gives us and Australian wine drinkers something to look forward to. Awarded two stars the Guide describes the wine as follows:
The wine is, as often, an excellent expression of its heritage. Adorned with a deep purple color with hints of black, it reveals a delicious and exuberant nose of ripe fruit, licorice and menthol. Ample, sweet, well-structured and always very aromatic, it can be appreciates with duck or game. One year or two years of cellaring are possible. The 2007 Cuvée Dame Honor good structure and wood our two, wait at least three years to soften.”

9 October 2011

Le Guide Hachette 2011 Reviews wines for DiscoverVin WinesPart 1

Le Guide Hachette 2011 – the French wine bible has reviews for 10,000 wines. The South-West chapter reviews wines from several of our suppliers.

The “jury” – a team of wine professionals from around the world, tasted each wine blind, described it in terms of colour, aroma and taste and then scored  each from 0-5.  A score of 3 is needed to be give a star, 4 for 2 stars and 5for a wine to be given 3 stars.   The ultimate is “un coup de cœur , a heart.


Usually only one wine per producer is reviewed in the Guide Hachette. The 2011 review for Chateau de Saurs is predominately about their  2008 Réserve Eliézer which was given a star. Two other Chateau de Saurs wines were included in the 2011 Guide.  Both made in larger volumes than the Eliézer and both available from DiscoverVin.

The 2008 Blanc doux, a dessert wine, was given a star (well balanced with roundness and acidity). DiscoverVin stock the 2009 vintage of this lovely sweet wine made from the loin de l'oeil grape.
The Chateau de Saurs 2008 Rouge (rich and structured) was also given one star. DiscoverVin have ample stock from this vintage.
The 2010 Blanc doux, has just recieved a star and wonderful review in the 2012 Guide Hachette.
"Pure ... Lion de l'oeil  the sweet wine's golden colour reveals an intense bouquet with nice notes of spices, lemon confit and baked potatoes. The mouth is rich, concentrated and sweet. The balance between sweetness and liveliness is successful, as is the aromatic expression of the candied citrus and acacia honey. A rich wine of great length, by the end of the meal .... "


Chateau Bouissel

Le Bouissel 2008, a blend of negrette, shiraz and malbec, is stocked by DiscoverVin  and was given two stars  and a coup de cœur.

The review mentions that Bouissel wines are regularly in the Guide and that 2010 was an important year as Nicholas Selle, son of the proprietors returned to the domaine, and it was the start of their conversion to biodynamic classification.

The coup de cœur indicates that the wine shows “la Haute Expression” ( high expression ) of the range of flavours expected in wines from Fronton.

“This 2008 offers an intense bouquet reminiscent of berries in l’eau-de-vie (blackcurrant, raspberry) statements of  spices and decorated with a scent of roasted coffee. The mouth has a high density, full and silky, perfectly balanced by a frame of tannins, velvety and aromatic with finesse of style. Ready to drink this superb Fronton represents the appellation with class.”

7 October 2011

Review of Domaine de l'Ancienne Cure Bergerac Rouge (L'abbaye Range) 2008

Hot on the heels of wine of the week in Sydney Morning Herald for Chateau Saint Go Saint Mont 2007 on October 4th 2011 By Huon Hooke, comes another review of one of the wines from DiscoverVin. This time for the Domaine de l'Ancienne Cure Bergerac Rouge 2008

We were thrilled to receive this review by well-known wine writer Winsor Dobbin.

A complex but elegant red wine. It is typical of the good value wines that DiscoverVin is bringing to wine lovers in Australia. 

Here is the review from Winsor Dobbin....

"Yet another well priced import from the south-west of France from the team at DiscoverVin who seem to have the knack of sniffing out bargains. This one comes from a family-run domaine at Colombier, outside of Bergerac, and is made very much made in Bordeaux style with a blend of merlot, cabernet suavignon and cabernet franc and just a soupcon of malbec. At just 12.5% it is the antithesis in style of bold South Australian red but does not lack in ripeness or flavours, simply offering a more elegant, food friendly style of drinking with some impressive complexity and spice."

6 October 2011

WINE OF THE WEEK Chateau Saint Go, Saint Mont

Huon Hooke gives the Tannat/Cabernet blend from Chateau Saint Go in Saint Mont 93/100.

DiscoverVin are excited to read that a wine from historic Saint Mont where  Tannat grapes have been grown for centuries and with a recently re-invigorated wine making practices is described as modern wine.

3 October 2011

Le Guide Hachette des Vins - The Hachette Guide to French Wines 2011

This is described as the French wine bible.  It provides a thorough and current guide to French wine.  Usually only one wine per producer is reviewed, but occasionally a second wine is referred to within the review. Incredibly the guide is never “updated”.  It is rewritten each year from current tastings of the last vintage bottled. 
The 2012 Guide has just been released.  For the 2011 Guide  36,000 wines were tasted and 10,000 of those were included in the Guide.  The “jury” – a team of wine professionals from around the world, taste each wine blind and describe it in terms of colour, aroma and taste and then scored from 0-5.  Wines scoring 0 or 1 are not included in the Guide, a 2 leads to inclusion, but a score of 3 is needed to be give a star, 4 for 2 stars and 5 to be given 3 stars.   The ultimate is “un coup de cœur , a heart, of which there are 471 in the current edition.
The Guide Hachette provides ample information on each of the wines reviewed: producer, vintage, region, vineyard area, number of bottles produced, use of barrels or vats, price and value for money, when to drink or keep past vintages and which years were exceptional.
Information in the 2011 entry for DiscoverVin’s supplier Domaine du Crampilh is very comprehensive. The review for the 2007 Vielles Vignes tells the reader that there are 3 hectares of vines. 8,000 bottles and the wine is made in oak barrels. Domaine de Crampilh’s entry is found in the Madiran section of the South-West chapter.  Visitors are welcome for tastings and wine can be purchased at the winery.  The translation of the description of the wine itself is evocative.
This Madiran of pure Tannat stored for in oak barrels for ten months, is adorned with a cherry color, a fruit that can also be smelt, along with smoky and spicy scents. The mouth, balanced, supported by fine tannins, offering flesh, volume and flexibility. Qualities that can be assessed with a meal of duck with olives.  To be drunk over the next five years.
The contact details and opportunities for cellar door visits for each producer are included at the end of each entry.  There is plenty of information is provided for anyone interested in wine tourism such as the presence of a gîte or chamber d’hôte and their price range. New to the 2011 Guide is a chapter with reviews of wine bars and restaurants by region.
Entries are classified by region, but with four different indexes (appellation, commune, producer, wine name) information is easy to locate.  The guide provides an excellent notes on each region with the first chapter providing an overview of what’s been happening, region-by-region, in the French wine industry in the past year.  The first chapters explain how to buy and keep wine, the wine making process and how to taste and serve wine.  It really is a wine lovers bible!

Jeeper Royale Champagne Dinner

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