22 August 2011

Discover Independent Vignerons

Le vigneron indépendent:
· Se perfectionne dans le respect de la tradition
· Respecte son terroir
· Travaille sa vigne
· Met en bourteille sa production dans sa cave
These are some of the key values in the Indépendent Vigneron’s Charter. These are ideas to be celebrated; reasons to search for wines from producers committed to this philosophy.
DiscoverVin works with suppliers from south-west France who are members of France’s association of Indépendent Vignerons .
Indépendent vignerons work with care and respect for tradition. They are passionate about their terroir with respect for their soil and their vines. They share this passion and their love for their culture and wine with their customers.
Indépendent vignerons work in their vineyards and cellars and offices. The work is complex, together with their passion for their wine and soil, indépendent vignerons are successful small business owners, managers and communicators. Their wines are made, stored and bottled in their cellars and sold through their networks and personal relationships with distributors and exporters such as DiscoverVin.
Their logo is an emblem indicating the wine is made with expertise and from a business that is a member of a professional group of winemakers who respect their traditions- “wines and authentic personalities”.
The Indépendent Vignerons association works to ensure the sustainablity of indépendent winemaking in France. DiscoverVin is proud to work with producers such as Domaine Bellegarde , Chateau La Rayre, Domaine de Crampilh and Chateau de Saurs who as members of the association are committed to sustainable and quality business practices and winemaking .

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