6 November 2011

The Rosé Revolution

The Rosé Revolution kicks off on November 10th and is all about  celebrating, Rosé - which has its traditional home in the south of France. 

DiscoverVin are excited to be part of the Revolution.

What is the Rosé Revolution?
A: The Rosé Revolution is a celebration of dry, purpose-made and delicious Rosé wines. Variety incidental, these are serious styles to be enjoyed at any time.
We are spreading the word that these wines are delicious, a great match with food and a great wine to consider at any time of the year. So grab some Chateau La Rayre or Zette Rosé or a few for that matter and start spreading the word.

Q: When is this year’s Rose Revolution taking place?
A: The launch of the Rose Revolution will take place on Thursday 10th November 2011 for a taste and tweet. 

Q: Where is this year’s Rose Revolution taking place?
DiscoverVin's friends on the NSW/Victoria Border can celebrate the increasing popularity of dry rosé with a tasting, some hors d'ouevres and chat to fellow rosé revolutionaries at the 
Border Wine Room
Dean St, Albury
Thursday November 10, 2011
rsvp (for catering) 02 6020 6016  or  info@discovervin.com.au

DiscoverVin's friends in Capital Cities can become rosé revolutionists at their local rose revolution events.

Q: How do I get involved?
Order some Rosé from DiscoverVin.
We have two lovely fresh dry rosé wines
Let us know about the great, dry Rosé wines you are drinking, share your stories and photos with us on our facebook page or on twitter. There are a number of sites where you can find out more on the Rose Revolution and see all the exciting events happening happening all over Australia: www.facebook.com/RoseWineRev.

There will be a number of live events and social media opportunities for consumers throughout summer but the Rosé Revolution is encouraging wine lovers to organise their own events too! 

Grab some friends, celebrate this fine wine and show the world how great it can be!

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