21 April 2012

Remembering Good Vintages with an online vintage chart

How is it that some people seem to so easily remember good vintages and bad vintages in different regions and different countries? I guess for a sommelier in a good restaurant dealing with this everyday its part of the job. Personally I struggle to remember all but the outstanding years. I find it more problematic remembering the average versus the not so good. Or at least to be confident I have got it right. As Bordeaux and the south-west of France are the main regions sold by DiscoverVin I find the vintage ratings in Bordeaux easier to remember, but once I step outside Bordeaux its difficult to remember the good from the bad.

There are now some online resources that are very useful.

Here is a great online resource published by www.erobertparker.com an easy to use vintage chart http://www.erobertparker.com/info/vintagechart.pdf . I have found to be the most comprehensive and easy to use.

cellar, vintage wine,bordeauxTry keeping it in your favorites and next time you are browsing in a wine shop, a menu or online give it a try. It is a quick way to check if for example the 2007 from whichever region you are looking at is a vintage to be avoided or sought out!

At DiscoverVin we want to concentrate on good producers from good years. In this way we want to take the stress out of having to remember good years from bad. That is, we do the "hard work" in selecting the good wines, so I guess this is the other way in remembering good from bad vintages- put your trust in your wine merchant who can select good wine for you! 

Happy browsing!

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