3 January 2015

Chateau Laroche Joubert 2011. An example, par excellence, of a good value wine from Bordeaux

One of our favourite red wines at the moment is Chateau Laroche Joubert 2011.

We sent a sample to our friends at The Wine Wankers, one of the wine blog/social media sensations of 2014. They have over 120k twitter followers and are rated by Klout and others as one of the most influential in our industry. You can read about their amazing journey here.

This story about this wine review began when we met Conrad from The Wine Wankers at a trade tasting in November 2014.

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He challenged us to prove that good value wines existed in Bordeaux. So we showed him some wines at the tasting and then sent him a sample of this wine. We thought that this wine could help prove the point about good value wines and Bordeaux.

You can see for yourself what the team thought ...

Nice! We'd like to thank The Wine Wankers for trying the wine and for taking the time to let us know their thoughts. 

For more information on this (and other) good value wine from Bordeaux, click here

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