16 February 2015

Rosé for languid days of summer and autumn

Living in North East Victoria we love having 4 distinct seasons and we particularly love summer. We love being able to pick from the garden, tomatoes warmed by the sun  for salads and BBQs.

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But its hot! And that means its "rosé o'clock".

Not so many summers ago, rosé was a bit uncool and unfashionable. Now we have realised its the prefect summer wine. The best rosé wines are crisp dry and refreshing. They are a prefect match to tomatoes and salads.
They are a perfect wine for a pre-dinner drink with olives under a shady tree or a glass by the pool. They are a perfect solution to the heat. We love a cold bottle of rosé for an autumn picnic on a warm sunny day.

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But rosé is now cool and fashionable. Rosé sales are soaring.  In France rosé now outsells white wine. Provencal rosé was rationed in New York and the Hamptons last summer! This week surging rosé sales were reported in the US.

Here's 2 perfect dry rosé wines on offer from DiscoverVin.

The first, Chateau La Rayre Bergerec Rosé 2013 ($26.50), is slightly darker in colour and has a slightly bigger mouth feel (the colour comes from briefly leaving the skin in contact with the grape juice). It is organic (no pesticides and herbicides, minimal sulphur) and it was reviewed recently by Sean Mitchell AIWS in the Grape Observer

"There is much talk of context in wine tasting, and that perhaps more should be made of it.  Today's context is that it is high summer, 37 degrees outside and climbing, with gusty northerly winds testing the mettle of some new tree plantings.  So, in two words, largely awful.  A chilled bottle of rosé therefore seemed a rather good idea with lunch.   From the 2013 vintage, this rosé is from Chateau La Rayre in Bergerac (inland of Bordeaux) and is a blend of one part merlot, and two parts cabernet franc.  The result is refreshing, dry on the palate, and has attractive and balanced flavours reminding of strawberries and raspberries.  This wine is recommended - I really quite liked it - and is perfect for summer."

The second is a classic Provencal rosé Domaine de la Croix Irresistible rose 2013 ($29.90). 

It's crisp and refreshing. Close your eyes, and you could be on a beach in Provence! It was also reviewed by Sean Mitchell in the Grape Observer.

"This rosé speaks of salty, humid air, and long warm days.  A very light salmon in colour, it refreshes with its reminders of rose petals and fresh lemons.  A blend of cinsault, shiraz and grenache, this is a typical Côtes de Provence rosé to be enjoyed with seafood and summer."

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Prices above are for our on-line customers. Trade enquiries welcome via info@discovervin.com.au

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