10 April 2015

Our latest product: rosé Champagne from Achille Princier

achille princier champagne rosé

We are delighted to be selling Achille Princier Grande Tradition non-vintage rosé Champagne.

At the end of 2014 we started the Champagne of this producer. It has been exceptionally well received and we are delighted to have added their rosé Champagne to our range. It has a bit of a "wow" factor. 

Our tasting notes: A splendid deep salmon colour. Has an initial freshness and a broad pallet of red small fruits (strawberries, raspberries) and blackcurrant/cassis. The delicious finish is clean and remarkable in its finesse which brings together this classy and harmonious product.

It was awarded 2 stars in the Guide Hachette putting it up there (or above) the well-known Champgane brands.

It is a good example of what is referred to as "grower" Champagne. In the past, most Champagne grape growers sold their grapes to the big Champagne "houses" or famous brands. Many producers have started to make their own grapes into Champagne. The folks at Wine Folly have written this explanation of grower Champagne. 

Winemaker Maxime Mansard is the fifth generation of winemakers at Achille Princier. This family used to sell grapes to the big Champagne houses but now they make their own.

As a non-vintage Champagne, parcels of grapes are blended with older material to produce consistency of taste and style. 

This wine is produced from 66 different parcels of vines in 10 communes extending across 24 hectares in the Marne Valley near Epernay. This dividing up of the vineyards is a major plus as it allows an "assemblage" of wines. This enables the producer to achieve a balance between freshness and complexity by blending different parcels, and ensuring a consistent but unique style for Champagne Achille Princier.

This champagne is a mixture of 3 varieties: Pinot Noir 50%, Pinot Meunier 15% Chardonnay 20% plus some Coteaux champenois rouge 15% . Coteaux champenois rouge is a red wine made from Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier grapes grown within the Champagne region.  It is then blended with the parcels made for other Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay grapes that have been made into Champagne in the usual way. 

The average age of the vines is more than 30 years old (the youngest are 7 years old and the oldest 84!)

This Champagne is made by traditional méthode champenoise. From vineyard management to picking to pressing to bottling, the grapes and resulting wines are looked after meticulously.  Only the first pressings of the grapes are used to ensure finesse for the Champagne and the wines that are keep for future blending. The bottles are rested for many years in traditional underground caves at a constant temperature.

And its a bargain at $65.

To buy click here. Trade customers please email us at info@discovervin.com.au for trade prices. 

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