28 January 2017

"OMG, this wine is sublime!"

The team at DiscoverVin was thrilled to see this great review of our Champagne Jeeper Grand Assemblage NV from Dan Traucki at Wine Assist.

Since its recent launch in Australia 2 months ago, it has been getting a great reaction including 4 stars in Winestate magazine and a huge recommendation from the Wine Wankers

Here is Dan Traucki's review reproduced below (with thanks!)

CHAMPAGNE JEEPER GRAND ASSEMBLAGE BRUT: Interestingly, Champagne Jeeper is actually named after the WILLY’S JEEP that the American soldiers gave French resistance fighter Arnoud Goutorbe, who had lost a leg during the war.
Goutorbe’s family had been growing grapes in the area for generations, and so the gift of the Jeep meant that he could still tend to his vineyards.
Years later when the family launched its own brand, rather than supplying the grapes to one of the big houses, it seemed natural to name the wine after the thing that made it possible – the Jeep, hence Champagne Jeeper.

Oh! Wow! This is an amazing champagne right up there with the best!

At the risk of blurting out too many superlatives, it is classy, elegant, creamy, delectable, sophisticated, magnificent and utterly delicious!
It has a beautiful bead, gorgeous light-yellow colour, a rich, creamy bouquet complete with hints of apples and yeast autolysis.
Absolute bags of flavour – again, rich and creamy mouthful of divine flavours and very classy, restrained acidity so that the palate screams out for more as the lingering finish gently fades away.
I don’t use the 100 point scoring scale (10 points in reality) but if I did, this nectar would be in the mid-90s at least! OMG, this wine is sublime!!! 
It is one of the three Champagnes in the range that have only just come into the country thanks to Discovervin.
Check them out at http://www.discovervin.com.au and enjoy an amazing experience.

For more details (or to order online) click here.

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