25 September 2011

DiscoverVin friends special offer with French Tutoring in Sydney

DiscoverVin has formed a partnership with French Tutoring.

For our friends in Sydney, French Tutoring offer a range of French language lessons/services.

If you mention DiscoverVin when enrolling you will receive
-free pocket-size bilingual phrasebook
-10% off all one to one lessons
-save $30 on group conversation classes

In addition, students of FrenchTutoring receive 10% off orders of $100 or more on DiscoverVin wines! 

For more information to go http://www.frenchtutoring.com.au/

What they say makes FrenchTutoring stand out from other providers:

No enrolment costs

No cancellation fees (see below)

No administrative fees

No travel fees (see below)

No peak / off-peak tutoring times / rates

No other hidden fees

50% off group conversation classes (see below)

- Flexible tutoring options (see below)

- All materials and handouts used (if any) are provided at the end of the lesson

- All our students can access our books and resources free of charge (you do not have to purchase books)

- All our students get 10% off any books / magazines purchased online at BORDERS

- All our students get 10% off language books purchased at ABBEYS Bookstore

- All our tutors are native French speakers and expert tutors - you do not pay extra to have an expert / premium tutor

- Our teachers do not teach using books - 
anyone can learn from books!

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