9 October 2011

Le Guide Hachette 2011 Reviews wines for DiscoverVin WinesPart 1

Le Guide Hachette 2011 – the French wine bible has reviews for 10,000 wines. The South-West chapter reviews wines from several of our suppliers.

The “jury” – a team of wine professionals from around the world, tasted each wine blind, described it in terms of colour, aroma and taste and then scored  each from 0-5.  A score of 3 is needed to be give a star, 4 for 2 stars and 5for a wine to be given 3 stars.   The ultimate is “un coup de cœur , a heart.


Usually only one wine per producer is reviewed in the Guide Hachette. The 2011 review for Chateau de Saurs is predominately about their  2008 Réserve Eliézer which was given a star. Two other Chateau de Saurs wines were included in the 2011 Guide.  Both made in larger volumes than the Eliézer and both available from DiscoverVin.

The 2008 Blanc doux, a dessert wine, was given a star (well balanced with roundness and acidity). DiscoverVin stock the 2009 vintage of this lovely sweet wine made from the loin de l'oeil grape.
The Chateau de Saurs 2008 Rouge (rich and structured) was also given one star. DiscoverVin have ample stock from this vintage.
The 2010 Blanc doux, has just recieved a star and wonderful review in the 2012 Guide Hachette.
"Pure ... Lion de l'oeil  the sweet wine's golden colour reveals an intense bouquet with nice notes of spices, lemon confit and baked potatoes. The mouth is rich, concentrated and sweet. The balance between sweetness and liveliness is successful, as is the aromatic expression of the candied citrus and acacia honey. A rich wine of great length, by the end of the meal .... "


Chateau Bouissel

Le Bouissel 2008, a blend of negrette, shiraz and malbec, is stocked by DiscoverVin  and was given two stars  and a coup de cœur.

The review mentions that Bouissel wines are regularly in the Guide and that 2010 was an important year as Nicholas Selle, son of the proprietors returned to the domaine, and it was the start of their conversion to biodynamic classification.

The coup de cœur indicates that the wine shows “la Haute Expression” ( high expression ) of the range of flavours expected in wines from Fronton.

“This 2008 offers an intense bouquet reminiscent of berries in l’eau-de-vie (blackcurrant, raspberry) statements of  spices and decorated with a scent of roasted coffee. The mouth has a high density, full and silky, perfectly balanced by a frame of tannins, velvety and aromatic with finesse of style. Ready to drink this superb Fronton represents the appellation with class.”

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